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Build An Abundant Real Estate Business With Less Stress, While Having Fun. Really. 

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Forget all the systems and scripts and over-priced programs that coerce you into signing an iron-clad contract, only to be “coached” to make more phone calls and knock on more doors. ACTION COMES AFTER ENERGY, yet all real estate training focuses only on action...until now!


I’m Tamara Dorris.


My name is Tamara Dorris and I'm PASSIONATE about your success! My exploration and education into the quantum world and neuroscience has enabled me to discover that we've got this real estate thing all wrong. Forget the pushy pressure and the begging for business. Let me teach you and coach you into raising your energy and attracting more clients in ways that truly seem too good to be true.

This isn't mindset coaching, per say, but rather a totally revolutionary way for you to become the best version of yourself possible, in mind, body, and spirit WHILE building a referral-based real estate business.

If you've forgotten why you fell in love with real estate in the first place, are tired of the soul-sucking things agents are "supposed" to do, or simply want to make more money with less stress, keep reading.  

There are 3 simple things you must know if you want to triple or even quadruple your income. And remember, these are things that are evidenced-based that top producers practice whether they know it or not.  

1) The majority of the real estate industry is stuck in "survival mode." Agents are stressed out, which makes consumers stressed out, which makes deal fall through. Worse yet, all of this stress makes it extremely challenging for agents to even get clients in the first place. There's a reason that the average agent's income is exceedingly low and the average agent is extremely stressed out, which ultimately affects their health as well. And forget about buying leads. With all the stress and suspicion and self-educating, consumers aren't falling for lead generation programs anymore (did they ever, really?). Top producers are are not living in scarcity and survival mode.  

2) Your Personal Energy Attracts or Repels. Like it or not, quantum mechanics now supports the fact that the entire universe is comprised of energy. This was Albert Einstein’s big discovery: mind influences matter. Science also strongly suggests that we are able to attract people and situations into our lives in ways that are almost spooky. What does this mean? That it’s very likely your energy is either drawing prospects toward you or pushing them away. University studies support this. People “sense” your energy. Imagine how this impacts prospecting! If you call someone and your energy is low or you’re feeling fearful, the other person will detect it, even if unconsciously! Don’t you notice how you’re repelled by some people and attracted to others? So don’t forget that yourunconscious thoughts and expectations are always being picked up by your prospects on some level. Top producers vibrate at a higher emotional energy level than lesser earning agents.  

3) Your Brain Creates Your Reality. Listen, before you roll your eyes and assume this is some airy-fairy affirmation I’m throwing at you, let me explain. Many of the neurons in your brain (and you have 100 billion of them!), have developed connections, or networks, over the years. Many of these networks formed when you were young, creating a map to “show” you the world you are programmed to see. Most people focus on fear and what they don't want to happen. Your inner map is based largely on beliefs about yourself and the world that can hold you back. Make no mistake about it. THIS is probably the most important of all because if you’re not creating positive and productive habits and focusing on what you want, you’ll never reach the level of success that's possible. Top Producers possess a level of confidence that lesser producers will never experience, because of their programming…which we now know can be changed!  

So let me ask you a question...  

If I tell you to think about your real estate business, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? What emotions well up inside you? How confident do you feel about your future earnings? If you’re like most agents, this isn’t always a pleasant experience. Or at least not as exciting as it could be. You may think about how stressed out you’ve been lately. Or Maybe you’re lucky enough to have something in escrow, but fears of it falling through have entered your mind. Or, like so many other agents, perhaps you’re wondering where your next client and commission will come from. Sound familiar?  

Now let’s switch gears...  

  Imagine what it would look like if you were a top producing agent. Remember the energy we talked about earlier? Imagine how you would look and feel. Is your posture straight? Are you laughing and playing with family and friends? Maybe you’re at a beach somewhere, sipping on a tropical drink, feeling the sun on your skin and the warm sand between your toes. Can you see the joyful expression on your face? I’m sure you can even notice how fit you’re looking in that swim suit. And why wouldn’t you? When you’re happy, you take great care of yourself! So now that you’re imagining that, what would you be thinking about your business? How many awards are you winning? Aren't you delighted that your clients trust and admire you? And importantly-- that you’re attracting the ideal prospects into your life?  

Here's what's crazy...  

What if I told you that first wrapping your mind and emotions around this beach scene (or at least the positive emotions it conjured up) has everything to do with your future success, whereas the thoughts and emotions connected to the negative example will keep you STUCK exactly where you’re at? It sounds contrary but it’s true: You must think, feel, and act like a top producer before you become one.  

When you can get and STAY in alignment with your greatest intentions, they truly can't help but find you. This isn't hype; it's all based on solid neuroscience and quantum physics.  

Welcome to Mind Over Market; unlike any other real estate coaching program on the planet.

This is a program of immersion in learning, praticing, and getting yourself in alignment with your biggest goals and with becoming the best version of yourself you've ever been before WHILE PUTTING THE BEST, PERSONALIZED BUSINESS-BUILDING PLAN IN PLACE.

Totally unlike traditional (outdated) real estate programs where you pay once a month for a solid year only to speak to someone on the phone (who maybe hasn't even sold a house before), who asks you how many doors you knocked on and how many calls you made. Do you really need that? Coaching with Tamara expands beyond (but includes) accountablity. It's about planning, executing, re-grouping, staying focused and on target, and constantly working to be the best version of yourself so that prospects and clients are naturally drawn to you.

The Mind Over Market Mastermind is focused on the truth of what makes or breaks your business: YOU. Some have called it real estate therapy for agents, others have called it neuroscience for sales, and others still, zen real estate coaching, but ultimately, it is the absolute most effective way to make permenant changes in your body and brain with respect to earning more and doing less in the real estate industry. The program is designed to help you increase your energy and become more attractive to clients while you grow an abundanct business.  

This isn't a one-year committment, it's a one-time payment (or we can break it up into two payments if you like), that will include three months of training and coaching, with a discounted price if you choose to go another three months after.

If you are interested in changing your life and your business dramatically, you will IF YOU FOLLOW THE VERY SIMPLE PROGRAM. You won't be asked to cold call, beg for business, or bug your database (unless you like to cold call, and then we'll focus some of your time in that direction). This is about what YOU like to do because that's the very way you attract prospects into your business.  

But before we move forward, we need to have a conversation to make sure this is a good fit for you, and that you're a good fit for the program. Not all agents are. Fill out the application below and let's set up a time to chat.  



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