How I Used the Law of Attraction to Make 85K a Year as a

Part-Time Real Estate Agent Working 5 Hours a Week

oh, and I did it again during the lockdown ;-)

If you're a seasoned agent I can help you double or even triple your commissions with my Magnetic Marketing Program!

This one-of-a-kind opportunity focuses on YOU; YOUR market, your CONTENT, and ways to make sure YOU SHINE within it.

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In this container we cover both the practical and energetic, as well as neuroscience of sales to make sure you stand out in your community in ways that are fun, mostly free, and fit your particular personality style.

What's included?

--Online Training that is yours forever and covers everything you need to know to effectively market yourself and your services

--WEEKLY one-on-one sessions where we deep dive into your marketing plan

--Support in creating the right content for you, whether it's postings, videos, newsletters, semi-script, role playing or something else--I'm in your court and ready to help you rock your community

--Content, post, and video feedback

--Mindset & Manifesting Support whether you're camera shy or stressed out about money, we will work through and beyond it

--Unlimited email, voice memo communication (What'sApp) for feedback throughout the months in reviewing your content, your social media, questions, etc.

--Bonus recordings for morning motivation and evening for Sales Hypnosis

Two Investment Options:

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No one else is teaching this in real estate, but it is THE catalyst for thousands of my students

"Working with Tamara has been the best decision I have ever made. It has changed my life forever. I have a very clear direction on what I need to do to continue a successful real estate career. I recommend anybody looking for a coach to reach out to Tamara. I could honestly go on and on about how incredible this coaching program has been." Pam Beall, Memphis Top Producer

"After being in the real estate business for 25 years and having a successful career, I came across Tamara Dorris. (working with her) was a decision that paid huge returns."

Peter Dacko, Commercial Broker, Florida

"I hired Tamara to coach my real estate team at Victoria's Properties. Best move we've made for our real estate coach!"

Victoria Morales, Broker, Sacramento, CA

"Tamara, you've helped me make over 6 figures the last two years and I am forever grateful."

Michelle Hawkins, Rocklin, CA

If You're Ready to Make More Money, attract a higher quality of leads and create

Multiple Transactions each month...

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“Who Are You, Why Should I Trust You, And Why Should I Listen To You?

Hi There!

My name is Tamara Dorris and I'm PASSIONATE about your real estate RESULTS! I’m a best-selling real estate author, and I use neuroscience, psychology, and quantum physics to help agents just like yourself achieve create content that attracts high-quality leads. After 30 years in real estate, marketing, and consumer psychology, I know what works and that most agents are NOT doing it. Let's change that for you!!!

The agents I work with all have one thing in common, they’re extremely talented, FULL of potential and have hearts of service, yet often they are working way too hard for what they make and not making what they're capable of. I want to change that for you.

There always tends to be something some agents back, something that they most often don’t even think about, and I KNOW how to fix that. I will teach you and coach you into creating a high-frequency marketing plan that is suited just for you. When you put out content that vibes with your ideal clients, they start finding you instead of you chasing them. We'll also work on your transactional communication skills that will increase your closings and save your sanity.

I’m very proud when I say that the agents I’ve worked with all succeeded in doubling or tripling their transaction, enjoying their businesses like they did when they first started, and spending a lot MORE than this program will cost you. If you want to attract new, ideal clients in droves and make your mark by leaving a legacy in your community, I can help!