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The 5 Shifts to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life

Are you living the life you always thought you would? Have you tried applying the law of attraction only to experience hit or miss results? If you've read all the books, taken the programs, and done your level best to "manifest" the life of your dreams and it still isn't working, maybe it's time to stop running in circles. If you're a woman over 40 this class is for you. You see, we're in a "sage"- group that manifests differently than men, or even women who grew up texting and tweeting. And guess what? It's there, just waiting for you. I'm talking about your dream business. The thing you always wanted to do, but never have been able to take the time, muster the courage, or find the right road map. Or maybe your dream is the business you're already in, but the money is making it more like a nightmare. You don't have to work harder to attract more abundance. In fact, working too hard actually repels abundance. This FREE CLASS will help you understand how to leverage your most precisous assets if you're ready to take that quantum leap. It's not too late to follow your dreams and live a life you love? 

 Here are a few facts you might not realize:


  •  Quantun physics and neuroscience PROVE that we create our own reality
  • The techniques of manifestion are pretty basic
  • Anyone with a brain and a desire can manifest amazing things
  • Woman have a harder time due to stress & low self-worth
  • This Master Class can help YOU!!!

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Get crystal clear on what YOU want, not what you think you should want. PLUS learn why we get buried in self-sabotage and the fastest way to stop it now for career (and life) success…


If you don't believe in yourself, how can anyone else? Learn how to embrace your own power in ways that conventional wisdom doesn't teach and in fact, is a recipe for staying stuck, burnt-out, and miserable…and what can be done TODAY to create immediate opportunities no matter where you are…


When you understand how and why being coherent, both physically and emotionally, is SO important for all of your intentions, you'll be able to honor yourself, create your intentions, and finally have time for your family, your friends, and your life!


The little known or practiced secret that can truly catpult you toward your professional and personal dreams that's evidenced-based and PROVES this method can work for your biggest intentions...You're constantly attracting every moment of every day, so why not tap into the truth about how to do it better?

Meet Your Host

Tamara Dorris

Author, Coach, Founder of Intention Academy for Women Only

Tamara Dorris, MA is a best selling author, trainer, and coach who focuses on neuroscience, psychology, and quantum physics to help women break through barriers and transform their lives through their businesses or careers.

If You Want to Make the Rest of Your Life The Best of Your Life...