Do You Know the 7 Steps to

Real Estate Success?

Designed specifically for agents who are ready to take their earnings to the next level by discovering the “missing magic” in their brains. This class will guide you through

the psychological shifts needed to make the practical changes desired

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What Will You Learn?

This masterclass sums up seven easy-to-follow steps in three, easy-to-understand videos that will help you master the following:

1)    Mindset Management: Learn how to cultivate a positive, growth-oriented mindset that will set the foundation of your success.

2)    Prospecting Perfection: Discover the real secrets to finding the right clients who are ready to buy with this essential shift you'll learn.

3)    Listing Leverage: Master the art of drawing in sellers that attract buyers through the “Attractor Factor.”

4)    Negotiation Know-how: Develop skills to negotiate better deals and conditions for your clients with your increased creativity.

5)    Closing Confidence: Close more deals in a shorter time frame when you watch the “Objection Reflection” training.

6)    Referral Riches: Learn how to generate a steady stream of referrals to keep your business thriving when you uplevel this single asset.

7)    Marketing Mastery: Discover how magnetic marketing and social media will effectively attract a wider audience in ways that are fun and free.

Become the agent you were destined to be, finally.


I’m Tamara Dorris.

My techniques and expertise in neuroscience, consumer psychology, marketing and hypnosis has made me the "secret tool" for top producers across the country, whether through my coaching, teaching, books, or videos.

As the author of the well-read, Mind Over Market for agents, and the brand new book, Agent Abundance, I incorporate my uniquely-combined skill set to help agents break through their upper limits and surpass their biggest goals. Teaching, coaching, interviewing and observing thousands of top producers over 30 years has given me the "secret sauce" to real success in real estate.

With a background as an agent, team leader, mentor, college professor, franchise real estate coach and a an author of over 20 books, I teach my clients what separates top producers from the rest. I can guarantee you it has way more to do with your brain waves, energy, unconscious expectations and outlook than it does some fancy new AI system that promises 10 new leads a month.

If you feel like you've hit your upper limit, it's not a new strategy you need, it's a new belief. This class will help you get it.


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